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Theres extreme anger in San Diego, where betrayed fans are discarding their Chargers jerseys in front of team headquarters. And theres apathy in Los Angeles, where the arrival of a second team was met Thursday with a collective yawn. Its a bad look for the NFL in the middle of the playoffs, and its a risky proposition in a season when TV numbers have taken a significant dip. The league has long looked at Los Angeles as a two-team market, but this isnt the way it wanted to solve the Rubiks Cube. Now, theres a real chance that three cities will lose their teams in rapid-fire succession St. Louis, San Diegoand, possibly, Oakland and the fickle Los Angeles engine will be flooded. Bill Plaschke For two decades, Los Angeles was more valuable to the league without a team than with one. It was the threat that stadium-hungry teams could use to get their cities to pony up and help pay for new venues. Now that threat is gone. Theres no more room at this inn.

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