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Unlike in 2008, residents have had more time to prepare for a flood. The benefit of that extra time was clear in the small town of Palo upstream where residents of more than 80 homes evacuated. Kim Hutchins, whose home in Palo is about 10 miles upstream from Cedar Rapids, told the Des Moines Register that she spent Saturday packing up her kitchen while some friends unhooked her furnace in the basement and moved it up to the garage. Most of her สโบเบท 88888 furniture was piled onto trailers to move. "They've been telling us it was coming for days. Last time, we had eight or 10 hours to get out," said Hutchins, 53, who planned to go stay with her mother. Palo residents were being urged not to use water on Sunday because of a sewer line break and area flooding. Officials said they were working to repair the sewer line quickly. In the meantime, they were providing bottled water to residents. Officials in Waterloo and Cedar Falls hope their communities will sustain less damage in this flood because of steps taken since 2008, but Black Hawk County Emergency Management Coordinator Lorie Glover said the extent of the damage won't be clear until the water recedes. In Waterloo, the Cedar River crested at 22.95 feet (7 meters) Saturday.